What are Varicose Veins ?

Varicose veins are basically large, swollen veins that appear on legs, which eventually turns out to be dark purple or blue colored. In simple words, this medical condition occurs when the veins allow the blood to flow in the backward direction. It usually happens to occur if you have been standing up for the longer period of times. A person dealing with the problem of varicose veins will have a heavy feeling in legs. It is usually caused as the age of the person increases. It has been observed that women are more likely to develop this medical condition of varicose veins than men. Obese people also tend more to develop the problem of varicose veins.

What causes Varicose veins ?

Arteries and Veins play a vital role for the blood circulation in the human body. Arteries carry the blood from the heart to the various tissues , whereas veins return blood from the various tissues to the heart so as to recirculate the blood. To follow this process, the veins in the legs work against the gravity to return the blood. The elastic vein walls help the blood to return to the heart. The tiny valves in the vein open as blood flows towards the heart and then close to stop the blood from flowing backward. These veins can loose their elasticity and the valves of the veins become weak , which eventually causes the blood to flow backwards.This is usually caused as the age of the person increases. Many a times, the pregnant women also tend to develop the varicose veins. As pregnancy increases he volume of the blood in the body but decreases the blood flow. This can leas to a disease named DEEP VEIN THROMBOSIS (DVT).

How to relieve the pain of Varicose veins ?

There are various types of pain relieving techniques for the condition of the varicose veins. But now, technology has brought an easy way to relieve the pain of varicose veins and avoid the disease called deep Vein Thrombosis. This product is Sequential compression Device (SCD) i.e Vein Care. The basic phenomenon of the SCD is that it provides the desired pressure to the legs, through the cuffs provided which eventually leads to the proper circulation of blood , reliving the pain of the patient.

How does a VEIN CARE work ?

An SCD works to increase blood circulation by gently , sequentially compressing the legs. This gentle compression helps to :

Reduce swelling.

Reduce numbness.

Move the fluids from the area.

Increasing circulation from the lower extremities.

Better blood and fluid flow.

It comes with a pair of cuffs that has 4 ports on it similar to the machine. The machine is provided with the 4 ports as well. All the ports of the cuffs and the machine are connected with the help of the tubings . These cuffs are then made to cover the legs i.e the affected area. And the pressure is provided sequentially to the cuffs, which is why the name is Sequential Compression Device.

When to use VEIN CARE ?

Used for DVT prophylaxis to clear edema also useful in avoiding pulmonary embolism.

Prevents deep vein thrombosis useful in varicose post-operative and bedridden patients.

Ideal after any prolonged laproscopic surgery.

Also useful in lymphedema.

Improves venous circulation in limbs.