Technology brings a complete new era of the wound healing with the pain free , easy and quickest way of wound healing. This is the negative pressure wound therapy. NPWT is a non-invasive therapy system that uses controlled negative pressure using a vacuum device to promote wound healing by removing fluid from open wounds through a sealed dressing or a foam dressing connected to a collection container called as the canister box. NPWT promotes a moist environment, reduces edema, creates a positive wound environment, increases blood flow, stimulates granulation tissue and causes mechanical stress in the bed of the wound promoting cell proliferation. NPWT promotes wound healing by applying through a special kind of dressing that uses open - cell structure foam. The vacuum collects all the inflammatory fluids from the wound and increases the blood flow o the area. The vacuum may be applied continuously or intermittently, according to the requirement. Typically, the dressing is changed two or three times a week.


Vacuum Assisted Closure is the sophisticated development of a standard surgical procedure , the use of vacuum assisted drainage to remove blood or serous fluid from a wound or operation site. In essence, the technique is very simple. A piece of foam with an open - cell structure is introduced into the wound and and a wound drain with lateral perforations is laid on top of it . The entire area is then covered with a transparent adhesive membrane known as IO drape, which is firmly secured to the healthy skin around the wound margin. When the exposed end of the drained tube is connected to the canister , where fluid is drawn from the wound through a foam for the subsequent disposal. The pressure of the vacuum can be given according to the size of the wound. The most vital benefit of the vac is , that it provides the facility of instillation and oxygen supply. Oxygen supply is important during the procedure of the wound healing, as a lot of anaerobic bacteria grow in the wound area which in turn leads to the infection. Therefore, to restrict the growth of the anaerobic bacteria, oxygen is supplied as they cannot survive in the presence of the oxygen. Also , the instillation feature helps to clean the wound and keep the area moist as we can provide time to time medicines required to the wound, without actually opening the dressing of the wound.

So basically, VAC works on the following principles, i.e WAY ATTACK -

NPWT - Negative pressure wound therapy. It drains out all the inflammatory fluids and clears edema.

Irrigation Therapy - Provision of time to time medicines to the wound further promotes the healing of the wound.

O2 Therapy - Oxygen supply restricts the growth of the anaerobic bacteria since the cannot survive in the presence of oxygen , and hence boosts the wound healing.

Availability of all these 3 facilities in one product makes the healing of any kind of wound super easier, quicker and pain free. Mostly this can be used for the wounds like diabetic foot, ulcers, burnt cases, accidents, etc. This will require the dressing to be done only once in three days and the wound will be healed in only one or two dressings. It is the very first time in India that the engineers have come up with this amazing technology for the betterment of doctors and the patients of course.


Wound heals significantly quicker.

VAC reduces hospital stay.

Promotes painless wound healing.

Reduces the frequency of painful dressings.

Efficient cleaning and conditioning of the wound.

Safe and painless wound healing.


Acute wounds

Bed sores

Open fractures

Ulcers (Diabitic or pressure)

Traumatic wounds.